BERMAN Luxury was made to bring Apple Watch users the band selection they have been dreaming about for the lowest possible cost. Based off the original concepts of Apple, our replacement bands serve the highest quality and materials. With over 100+ current styles available, proven to have an option of everyone.


Q: Which Apple Watch Series are compatible with Berman Luxury products?

A: All Berman products are compatible with Series 1, Series 2, Series 3, Series 4 & Series 5 Apple Watches. We offer both 38/40mm & 42/44mm band sizes to ensure a comfortable and polished look.

  • Our 42mm band works with the 42mm Series 1, 2, & 3 as well as the 44mm Series 5 & 4.
  • Our 38mm band works with the 38mm Series 1, 2, & 3 as well as the 40mm Series 5 & 4.


Q: What's your shipping like? Do you ship internationally?

A: We ship from the United States using USPS and DHL. We ship worldwide to every country allowed by US mail. If you live in North Korea or Crimea, please let us know and we can facilitate shipping options.

A: USPS Priority Ensured is a shipping option that ensures your order is protected with a 30-day guaranteed delivery. All orders are expected to arrive within 4-10 business days of the order date.


Q: How long will it take my order to get to me?

A: All orders within the US are currently shipped using USPS First Class Mail. USPS takes about 4-10 business days from the time it leaves our shipping fulfillment centers. International Shipping is covered by DHL and takes about 10-14 business days. 

Processing times may take between 1-2 business days.


Q: What's your Return Policy?

A: Returns are permitted within two weeks of delivery and sent to our main distribution center in order to be eligible for a refund: 


*3D Renderings may depict a variation in connector lugs. Please refer to product images for accurate reference. 

Q: What if I have more questions?

A: We'd be happy to help. Please send your questions to Customer Service