Adjustment Manual




In this manual, we will explain step by step procedures on how to use the link removal tool to remove links so you can shorten your Berman piece to the best fit.


Step #1 

Turn over the piece.


Step #2

Open at the lugs and fully expand the piece.


Step #3

Locate the slots on the side of the piece where you will be inserting the link removal tool.

Step #4

Insert the link removal tool into the slot found in Step #3.

Be sure to insert the tool with the pin inserted into the arrows on the back of the piece.


Step #5

Remove the pin on the opposite side of the piece and separate the band. 


Step #6

Repeat Steps 4 & 5, with the slot either above or below the one just removed.


Step #7

Remove the pin and detach a lug.



The first link has just been successfully removed.


Step #8

Place the link and 2 pins to the side, and re-attach the piece.


Step #9

Insert the pin back into the piece.

Be sure to fully insert the pin, this can be achieved by applying pressure on a hard surface until the pin is flat like the others.


Now pat yourself on the back. 

You have just successfully removed one link from your new BERMÁN piece.

Remove as many links as needed to achieve your desired fit.